The download of the USFWE “Introduction to  Working Equitation” presentation is linked below.
We encourage educators to use this demonstration for demonstrations, presentations or clinics.  Of course, for anyone wanting to learn about working equitation, this is a great place to start!


Links to USFWE working equitation Dressage tests.  Using videos is a great way to begin to learn a dressage test.
PLEASE NOTE -these are real tests, riders could have gone off course.  Do not rely on these videos exclusively for training for a show!

Level 1

Safira – 2nd Place – Working Equitation Introductory Level Dressage – ERAHC Classic

Level 2

Robin Bond & Especially Colonel level 2 Working Equitation. Reserves Champion @ Fiesta of the Spanish Horse

Level 3

Robin Bond & KaChoo Level 3 Dressage. Fiesta of the Spanish Horse, May 2-3,2014 in Working Equitation. Robin Bond & KaChoo Level 3 Champions

Level 4

ERAHC VA Classic Horse show Working Equitation “Dressage Phase”, Randy Byers and Carbon