Consolidated Rulebook Continuing Education: New Obstacle Rules

An exciting new change for our Novice riders! In Ease of Handling up to this point, if a rider dropped an object (pole, cup, etc) they had to dismount retrieve the object and remount. Our 2017 rules state, at the Novice level the rider has the option to dismount and retrieve the object or take a zero for the obstacle and continue on. In speed the Novice riders have the option to dismount and retrieve the object or take a 30 second penalty and move on.
Also new for our Novice riders, if a rider takes three zeros in their Ease of Handling trial, they will not be allowed to compete in the speed round. If riders and horses were unable to complete three or more obstacles, they have not demonstrated the proficiency needed to perform obstacles at speed.
In speed, Novice riders unable to complete an obstacle will have the option to move on with a 30- second penalty. After three incomplete obstacles, the rider will be disqualified.
Our Children’s and Introductory level riders will still have dropped objects handed to them by the ground crew.
For more details on the penalties, obstacle requirements for each level, and disqualifications see the rule book.
The rule book can be found online or
(Contributed by Tarrin Warrin)